“On December 1st, 2022 JTI planted a bio-diversity wooded bank with 2050 plants. As a global business, we have an important role to play in plotting a sustainable future for our planet. By planting this wooded bank, we want to celebrate our commitment to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2030 and Net-Zero emissions by 2050.” – JTI

Together with JTI we aimed to plant 420 meters of these wooded banks, including at least 75 different native species, to ensure maximum diversity. This results in a total coverage of 1260m2, which, besides 20 other beneficial functions*, captures 17,64kg of CO2 each year. Making this as the perfect project for JTI’s sustainability day.

* For a detailed description, see Kenneth. F. Rijsdijk’s book on this matter, called “Heg”.

On Dec. 1, 2022, JT International visited us for a planting day, where we planted a wooded bank with 2050 plants (and more than 75 species). A wooded bank is a dense and biodiverse hedge, on an elevation/slope, with multiple ecological functions and values.