From € 975 / day

Enchantingly beautiful

Our beautiful Belgian grape greenhouse, the oldest building in the polder, is always enchanting. Whether you are hosting a yoga session in it, a tasting, a wedding, or an exclusive dinner at a very long table, the greenhouse always looks beautiful!

Around the greenhouse there is ample room to move everything outside should it be a balmy summer day or evening because well….it is still a greenhouse so then it is really too hot inside.

There is room for a long table with 60 guests, a standing reception for up to 120 people or a theater setup for up to 100 people.

Outside, there are several seating areas with fire bowls.

  • 2 toilets + urinal
  • Pricklight lighting


Greenhouse rental is €1,250 per day in high season* and €975 per day in low season** (both excluding VAT).

Photo shoots are possible in the Greenhouse. The cost are €125 per hour (excluding VAT). These profits go 100% to the maintenance of the estate

* High season May 1 to October 1
** Low season October 1 to May 1

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Let your imagination run wild

The possibilities on the estate are endless. Do you have specific needs or ideas? Contact us. We are happy to think with you to create a unique experience for your team/group.

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Featured workshops

There is plenty to see and experience on the estate and we can organize various activities or workshops. See some examples below.

Food Forest and Kitchen Garden

52 hectares of nature that is a lot of work to maintain, so how nice is it to leave the estate more beautiful than you found it? During this activity you help on the estate. We go into the food forest to prune and harvest and we will chop wood to prepare for winter.

Lebanese Mezze Workshop

Our house chef Garo is half Armenian / half Italian and grew up in Lebanon. Inspired by all these cultures, Garo has developed its own cooking style. He prefers to make Mezze style dinners with different dishes on the table that everyone can share. During this workshop we will get started with the preparation of Mezze snacks that can be tasted by everyone during the closing drink.

Wild Picking

Out and about with our very own modern day hunter and gatherer from the estate; Ellen Mookhoek. During the walk you will discover how much delicious food grows all around you and how easy it is to supplement your meal with wild plants.

Get a taste of nature!

We cook with love for nature and as much as possible with our own produce from the food forest, vegetable garden and herb garden. Our chefs conjure up the most delicious (vegetarian) dishes that stimulate your senses.

stargazing before bedtime

You can also stay overnight at Yūgen Forest during the summer season. The carefully decorated glamping tents let you experience the peace and benevolence of nature. Immerse yourself, relax, get a good rest and feel reborn. Only bookable for (business) groups of 10 or more.


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Making the world a little more beautiful

As stewards of Roggebotstaete, Yūgen Forest places purpose above profit. The profit we make finds its way back to nature. We increase the biodiversity, have ambitions to conduct scientific conduct research and educational programs for schools, governments and organizations through which we share what we learn.